Are all Ethiopians Different? Or is it the ones I am with?

So I have many Ethiopian friends and they are so different in many ways than other Africans or any other race in general….. I mean I am just sayin they are so beautiful both the men and women it’s not only their physical appearance that is so different but also their personality culture and self-respect…… what do ya all think is it just me?


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  • Ethiopia is a very ancient culture. It was very late to be colonized by Europeans, and only then very briefly. So yes I imagine it is very different from the rest of Africa. I'm not an expert though.


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  • They've been through a lot of hard times, and this sometimes brings out the best in people. They're happy to be in a relatively safe place now.

    I enjoy their company too. We have a lot of Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants in my neighborhood and usually half the people there are friends of the owner.

  • Having self-respect isn't a trait monopolized by Ethiopians. Ones nurturing is what will determine how self-respecting one is, or how cultured they are, and their personality. Forget about where they come from and just accept that they had a good upbringing which could have been replicated in many other countries under a similar environment. All individuals have particular idiosyncrasies that make them different, even if they were born in the same country

    • well described thanks

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