Why do girls seek attention from guys?

Ok so I need some help figuring this out. Why would this girl with a boyfriend seek so much attention from me? At first she was shy and very nervous around me, but she would seek out ways to be around me at work (we work together). Now we both find ways to be around each other and I know she likes my attention. She gives me strong eye contact all the time. I'm not really sure what she wants from me, but she really seems to crave my attention. Today in a meeting, she was constantly playing with her hair and looking over at me to see if I was paying attention. I didn't acknowledge it and look over at her because we were in a meeting. I can tell she gets kind of sad when I ignore her. I don't really understand why she does this. Please, can someone help me?


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  • From what you've said it sounds like she likes you, whether or not she has a boyfriend or not. Now, how much she likes you is the question. You said she has a boyfriend, well there could be a few things to guess about that. Either she's not so into her boyfriend anymore but staying with him because it's what she knows, or she doesn't have much self confidence and needs attention from multiple guys to remind her of her appeal. I'd guess it's probably both of those things. Without more info about her and her boyfriend it makes it very hard to know for sure.


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  • Simple, she is a woman. Try not to apply logic to them.