Am I the only guy that puts so much stock into how a woman dresses?

I need to have a women that dresses nice and puts in effort into how she looks. She wears skirts, dresses, nice flats, heels, tights, pantyhose, nice blouses, etc. When I walk around campus the girls that are dressed nicely draw my attention, not the ones slumming it in short shorts and a tank top. I want to date a girl that dresses nice all the time, but it is impossible to tell if the girl dresses that way most of the time or not unless I see them every other day or so. Also what is the deal with the girls that take the time to put on makeup and look good, then end up wearing a t-shirt and leggings?


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  • nah bro I'm with ya

    ihate that sh*t wen they don't try at all and just throw on some gross ass hoodie and yoga pants...

    and as for makeup maybe they have self esteem problem with their face...


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  • "Dresses nice ALL the time"

    K...chill. You can get your fashion model, but you have to dress nice too. The fact that you would only date a girl because of her clothing choices sounds a little superficial. So when she is sick she has too look like she stepped out of VOGUE? When she's pregnant she has too wear heels and designer clothes and not relax in comfy clothes? We are not the rich and famous celebrities we are not going to be judged by the world. It sounds to me you only care about how you look while beside her. Rags, torn, food stained clothes are unnacceptable. But you really need to rethink your priorities. Its the personailty that makes the person, not what they wear.

    • A majority of the week, I probably should have worded that better. And no if she is sick, pregnant something like that it would be fine. It is not the only thing, her personality is important too and it's just a preference.

  • It seems like we are not allowed to be comfortable.

    I mean sure it's fine if you are willing to BUY the clothes ;)

    • What if a girl is more comfortable wearing this kind of stuff?

  • i don't like pantyhose, but I think that some girls could look as if they put a lot of effort in while just wearing shorts if they do it properly

    • I just listed stuff, I know a lot of girls do not really wear pantyhose at all. Yeah shorts can look nice if done correctly, but most one do not wear nice shorts. link That is the type of shorts I see most girls wearing.

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    • Yeah but if you know how to do it then you can do it fast.

    • Then why would it take so long?

  • I'm sure we all have those days where we don't feel like dressing all cute for various reasons. Plus it's only class so what's the point of getting dressed up? That's not to say I don't wear some of my nicest outfits to class.

    • You never know who you'll meet, or who you'll run in to

    • Still no excuse to getting all dressed, unless you need to dress professionally for on occasion.

    • Not literally everyday, but at least a majority of the week. Some girls like getting dressed up all the time, but there are less of them nowadays.

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  • I don't think they mind doing it, but they might insist that you do the same...I mean that would be a little one-sided, wouldn't it?

    • I would do that if asked.

  • You bring the term metrosexual to absolutely new heights, because you involve your future partner in your lifestyle preference.

    • I take a shower everyday and comb my hair, but I do not think that makes me metrosexual. Most of the clothes I own are 2-7 years old and I do not spend money at all on clothes. I usually wear a t-shirt with cargo shorts or jeans. God forbid I like women that dress nice and want to put effort into how they look.

  • I like mine wearing nothing.

  • I couldn't imagine being a woman and I think that it would suck despite having a few small perks. Got to always be dolled up, wear make up, wear bras, shave a whole bunch of things and some things that you think guys want shaved but some don't - and ya. In college if I see a girl in a tank top and sweats, I pay the same amount of attention to her as I do to the girl who's all dolled up for class and actually I often question why a girl would get all dolled up for an 8am class. I roll out of bed, sniff my hand and make sure my balls don't smell, throw a pair of pants on and head to class.