How to show her I'm sincere?

So I have a question. This girl I really like won't go out with me and I'm pretty sure it's because she thinks I'm just looking to hook up with her. I think her friends told her this..because I do seem like 'that guy' but it's not true. I actually like her for her, and not her body.

She gets hit on all the time, is really popular, really good looking, could practically have any guy she wanted - and she knows it.

How can I let her know I'm different? I don't want her to think I'm just like all these other guys who are just looking for a booty call.


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  • Basically, she has low interest in you. Possible you didn't pass her looks test. If that's the case, she won't care to get to know you more. If she was physically attracted to you, what her friends say wouldn't matter. She would want to find out about you for herself.

    Since she can get any guy (or thinks she can) you have to act different by showing her that you aren't so easy caught. You have to be a challenge to her. No sucking up. Don't make it obvious that you are trying to impress her.

    This only works if she has at least 50% interest in you. If she turned you down to your face...then you're done. Move on. Take the hint, and leave her alone.


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  • Try something different maybe,go old fashioned and mail her a letter (through regular post) telling her who you are, how you feel and probably at the end, put your fb name in thereor your phone number and ask her to message you on fb when she reads it if she's interested. Wait probably two weeks after she gets it and if no response then move on I guess...


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  • You can't show sincerity. You be it in and out. It's a singular state of mind and living. You let your life and intentions and natural actions speak for themselves. You don't have yourself and showing sincerity, they're one in the same