Should I just go for it?

So there is this guy that I've been eying for quite sometime. And today my friend and I walked by him and I was about to say hi, and then I backed out. And he was going to get a drink, so my friend did too. And my friend was calling me over and I was like "aahh noooo" and walked away with a huge smile on my face because I was so flustered. And the whole time the guy I have my eye on was looking at me and smiling. Is that a good sign? Should I just go up to him and say hi to him next time?


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  • Yes, the fact that he would look at you and smile means that he at least thinks well of you, if not think you are cute/hot. Definitely try to strike up a conversation with him next time, and make sure you give him hints that you like him. If he's like other guys he might be oblivious to this but don't worry, he'll come around sooner or later

  • YES even if you only say hi ____ insert his name


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