How come girls my age never hit on me?

I am 20 years old, 5'11, 150lbs and Caucasian, and get flirted with and told I look handsome by 28-45 year old women exclusively. It is pretty weird because I look younger than my age (most say I look 18).

I find this situation very perplexing, and while I am not opposed to dating a woman of that age (as long as she has no kids), I must say that I would prefer dating someone in the 17-25 age bracket.

I always have assumed it is because of the way I dress, which is usually business casual, with slacks and dress shoes, collared dress shirts with a tight fitting v-neck sweater on top (usually with a striped pattern). I am clean shaven and have a semi-short hair cut. Sometimes I dye my hair but I do very natural colors and make sure my eyebrows match the hair. In the fall I like to wear fashionable hats and argyle socks that I pull up high. Sometimes I will wear glasses just to make a fashion statement.

I don't see why a girl my age would not be interested in my because I take care of my body, have flawless skin, wear nice clothes, have a six-pack, blah blah blah. I also am very nice and kind and loving and sensitive and all that crap.

The only thing I see wrong with me physically is that I am not overtly muscular and macho, which all the pretty girls seem to like for some reason. Perhaps I should engage in weightlifting to increase muscle mass?

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  • Why don't you go out to hit on those girls?

    • Because I want to be avoided being labelled as "creepy" at all costs, being rejected would demolish my self esteem and I would become a misanthropist.

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  • I think the type of women that you attract are called cougars... Have you seen that TV show on tlc called extreme cougar wives, it's so weird and creepy but cute and adorable... But maybe older women come onto you more because you seem so set and put together... someone they can settle down with... While girls that you prefere don't want some dude that's all posh and refined and reminds them of their daddies... And no girl aims to date their daddy... Girls want the opposite... Someone who is a mess so they can fix them and then live happily after... And plus when they are young they want the bad boy that will treat them awfully not someone so serious and perfect ... they want that when they are ready to settle down ...Try online dating...

  • it is hard for a girl your age to come on to a guy

  • Girls in the age range you are looking for would seem intimidated by you. Woman who are coming after you have had a bit more experience. The 17-25 age range still have some insecurities to them so when they see a young man who dresses nice and very handsome they start to think "I could never have him".


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  • Yeah bro, I was thinking while reading---150 is too light for 5'11". I am about 6'0" and I was 166 lbs in June and my ex said "you are so skinny". I gained about 10 lbs now. You probably need to put on 15 -20 lbs of muscle and you will be set. Girls are shallow-bring you A game always.

    • I agree somewhat, though I think your ex is either mentally retarted or trying to justify her weight problem by pointing fingers.

      Most male models are around 160 and I don't see girls looking at them and going "ewww"