I'm 16 but most people think I'm at least 20.

I'm only 16 and anywhere I go people don't believe that I'm only a junior in high school. At the place I work I have customers ask me about which wine I prefer and when I tell them I'm 16 they're shocked. I'm not sure if its my face or my body. I have decently sized boobs but I doubt that has anything to do with it. I'm only worried that guys see this as unattractive because I've never had a boyfriend or even had many guys interested. I'm pretty outgoing and chatty and I hate that people look at me funny when I act my age; 16. Is there a way to make myself look a little younger? or do guys finds older looking girls attractive in any way?


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  • maybe they're confused because your profile says 18-24...haha just kidding

    i don't think it's unattractive to look 20 by any stretch of the imagination. If you're dressing like people your age then there probably isn't a ton you can do to make yourself look younger... I really wouldn't worry about it. Perhaps guys may be intimidated that you appear more mature than them but I would think most guys would be really into a girl who was younger than she looked at your age


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  • Older guys will hit on you but be careful esp if they don't care about age.

    Wearing a different hairstyle or dressing different might help you look younger