Does a guy's hair matter when it comes to looks?

My hair is pretty long, and curly. I haven't had a haircut or trim of any kind in almost a year. I'm not a hippie but I just like long hair. I get compliments and made fun of almost equally by both sexes. But does it matter what it looks like? Should I shape it or trim in some way? Because I have not had any type of hair cut at all in a while, and its nearly to my shoulders but I am sure it would be longer if straightened but I like my curls so I just wash it and dry it every morning.


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  • I think hair is very important when it comes to looks, because it is what frames your face. I tend to like guys with shorter hair, but I must admit that I've seen a few guys who could pull off long hair really well. I think the most important thing is if you keep it clean and combed and well-conditioned, and also whether you like your hair the way it is or not and if it looks good on you. If you aren't happy with it, then by all means, get it cut and styled.

    • I like it, but I don't like hair getting in my mouth haha. So I might get it trimmed because of that... And I am by no means dirty sooo I am good in that department, but thanks for your opinion.

    • Lols! Oh gosh, I remember when I used to have long hair and used to get hair in my mouth. Try wearing lipgloss, too. That makes it so much worse. That's one of the reasons why I got my hair cut. Plus, long hair doesn't look good on me. :P And that's cool, and no problem. ^.^v


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  • every girl is different. and everyone will give you different answers. as long as you look presentatble and it's not all over the place, I'm sure it will be ok. for me, personally, I have always liked short hair on guys

  • Using the line Will Ferrel spits out in Step Brothers: "just a curly-haired f***". But being serious, I curly hair brings down a guys appearance. Get it chemically straightened & reap the benefits (++++ attention). :)

  • Really depends on the guy.


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