They say a man will look at you if they are attracted to you.

but is it possible they just like to look at you? Cause sometimes I think that, like no way could he find me attractive, maybe he just likes to look at me, but than I don't know why if that's the case. I seem to want to believe that cause I feel like it is not possible this person could find me attractive enough for them.So does there have to be attraction there for them to look/gaze?


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  • Unless there is something horribly wrong with your appearance men are looking at you because they find you attractive and would possibly like to get to know you.


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  • If I think a girl is a attractive...Ill stare. but the body language is what tells me if she's even worth talking to.

    Attractive girls become less attractive if there personality is not there. Maybe the people who stare at you are trying to figure you out. You have some type of mystique that attracts them, which got their attention.

  • I think that in some cases, men that gaze at a woman find them attractive, but that's not always the case. But that doesn't go to say that if a man looks at you, he doesn't find YOU attractive. It IS possible. But there are other aspects besides looks alone that are attractive, personality for example. If you're warm and friendly, that's just as good, because it's inviting. Have faith~

    • But would a guy just look at you to look at you? Just cause he likes to look at you? Doesn't there have to be something there? Some type of attraction, whatever that maybe, looks, personality?

    • Well they can look at you but if it turns more into a stare than there most likely an attraction in there.

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  • Does there have to be attraction? No. I look/gaze at plenty of people I don't find attractive. "They" are wrong. It's really to vague to really read into it.

    • Well they are men so??? Maybe they think differently.....