Is it easy once you are taken to not take a look?

At other women? I wonder just how hard it is, I'm guessing a women can get away with it more then the guy she is with?

Ok so this about checking other girls out, but what about if you are interested in this one person would it matter if I still looked? I mean I do it regardless but on some days more then others and I've seen the same with women looking at me but I don't have any change.


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  • e Just cause there is one mona lisa art painting doesn't mean no other art work can be appreciated.

    But I have a rule. If the partner keeps starring vs..took a glance. Then they are deciding to put in more of their attention to someone other than their partner. This goes for both genders. How would a guy feel if a girl glances as a good looking guy? But what if she is starring at this guy. Everytime he walks by she makes eye contact with him. She makes and effort to look around for hot guys. And the time you guys have is not that equal?

    My boyfriend glances and that's that. He says its instinctive like walking into a restaurant and saying "mmm that smells good" and that similar to when he walks anywhere "wow she's pretty" that is it. SO that to me is okay. If he goes out of the way to keep looking then I would say we need to have a talk about where he stands in our relationship. .


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  • Looking as in checking them out? My boyfriend and I check out girls together. Your committed not dead you can still think a girls hot.

  • Everyone looks, whether married or whatever. Who you are looking at (an ex, etc) and how long you look at someone is the problem and will cause problems. But everyone glances at other attractive people, it's human.

  • I check those girls out lol seriously there are some beautifully-drop-dead-gorgeous ones out there... I don't mind if he looks, as long as he points the girl to me so I can admire too hahaha I guess I'm just weird like that, but I can't help it, I love to see a firm, high, round ass on a good looking woman hmm :) lol :P


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  • Not looking is as easy as looking. If you don't want to look you focus on your task at the moment. If you want to look allow yourself to get distracted.