Guys! known as the bread giver, provider, hero?

Do you agree with this? I know as generations grew a lot of things has changed; I'm curious how you all feel now. Men of 2013 how do you feel about this? Do YOU strongly agree that MEN should be the main provider ( wives can have jobs too but men are the prime ones), are the dominate one, the hero ( superman of the family) OR do you think things has changed and that IT SHOULD be equal.

MY opinion: I feel like things should be done in an orderly fashion were 2 people both agree in how things are runned. I don't think it should be Equal. I do believe the man should be the one who is held higher than the wife IN the house. The wife does has the final say and is incharged of money, but the man should be the main provider. If someone has to work 2 jobs. Its the man who will work 2, not the wife. The wife can have a job etc etc but the man should hold a high more respectable occupation, and role in the house.

( just asking because its an English discussion we have in college, 18 not married)

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Thank you. Just wondering how we all feel about this. Since generations have changed. I'm really old fashioned. So hopefully my man will be mine the #1 in my life and indo plan to help and uport and do my role as a wife and maybe more. But I hope he's a man enough to be the more dominant one and not be a lazy f***


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  • Men and women will never be "equal". We are different and always will be. Men are providers and protectors by nature. Women are more nurturers. Those are generalizations, of course, but they are generally true. As hard as we try, those things will never change. They are part of human nature.

    However, everyone is different and each person / couple needs to find and stick with what works for them.

    • Thanks for the BA. I hope you find the man you describe. We do exist. ;)


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  • I don't think it's reasonable to expect any man to be Superman, but I think the man should be responsible for the financial security of the family. That is, I have little respect for men who let their women take care of them.

    Honestly, I think the way it worked throughout most of history (women handled domestic issues while men served as the provider) was fine. If a few men in the past would have occasionally said to their wives, "I really appreciate what you do," rather than "Where the hell is dinner?" then this probably wouldn't be an issue today.

  • It's pretty much the way it works for my wife and me... She takes care of the household I bring the money home.

    Was biggest part her own decision to do it this way, I didn't even ask for it, but I'm happy as well.

  • The problem is responsibility without authority.

    That thing where the father was the leader of the house, the one in charge, the guy who did the dirty work when needed, provided the money, etc--that doesn't work so much when the wife can nuke the marriage whenever she wants.

    It's like this. Remember the Incredibles? When the woman leaves her two kids, Dash and Violet, in a cave so she can go rescue Mr. Incredible? And she tells them, "Violet's in charge while I'm gone?"

    You know why it didn't work? Because she delegated responsibility, without authority. Violet had no authority over Dash, and he knew it, so he was like, "Pfft, I don't care what you say." And he did what he wanted.

    Marriage is the same way. It's a babysitter who has no way to punish the kids wondering why she can't get them to obey.

  • Even though women in this generation are fully capable of financially supporting themselves, women's brains have not really changed from evolution, they still seek and are instinctively attracted to guys that have providership capabilities, I learned that in a dating and relationship seminar

  • Guys will always be seen as a paycheck to women


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  • Sometimes that's the case. The traditional family where the male is dominant and makes the most amount of money is what I want. That doesn't work for everyone of course and that's fine. Some people want a relationship where it's completely equal

    Whatever floats your boat

  • At this time, with high inflation rate, men can't be the sole provider/superhero.

    Household expenses/chores should be shared equally. As for the kinda of occupation, it doesn't matter whether he is earning more or holding a higher position. Both should contribute to the household , whoever earning more should contribute more.

  • Not to me, no.

  • Depends on what me and my future husband want. I would probably want him to be the main provider though.