What is a turn-on for girls?

Basically, what do girls find to be a turn on that most guys do, or just buy the way that they act or dress. Thanks.


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  • There are certain qualities you can put across that women/girls THRIVE on, the most basic of things are...

    - Confidence

    - Smile

    - Humour

    - Well-Groomed

    - Social Proof (meaning you have friends or other girls are attracted to you, or at least have the ability to do so)

    Like I said, not to offend or oversimpplify girls here, but if ya wanna talk about evolution and natural selection. You're going to have to fit the bill of what she needs. And again, not to offend, but a lot of girls will always want to "trade up" for a boyfriend, so you got to show you're the leader of men and a protector of your loved ones.

    Pick up artists take this trade up mentality, and make it work for them. A dude has this theory called "cocky funny" meaning you come across in a playful teasing manner and women LOVE IT because it raises your value quite a bit without her feeling insulted. However cocky on it's own is arrogant, and funny by itself it not considered to attract girls alone.

    Look up cocky funny, it's an easy concept to learn, and it'll lead to other things on what attract girls.


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  • NO SWEAT PANTS! gosh w/e you do, do not wear sweat pants! cologne is a definite :) ... unless ur not that cute...

    Um, don't be mean, and play around a bit and randomly go up 2 her locker 2 say hi.

  • i big turn on for me is when a guy knows how to dress. a nice shirt with some dark jeans and clean shoes! like addidas, nike's, pumas, or skating shoes. also a guy with a nice smile :D

  • hot body, great personality, not a cheater are turn ons.

    guys who dress with jeans and a t shirt, that obviously has been taking care of himself=turnon


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