Girls, do you like wearing tight things, especially dresses?

I was at the strip club the other night. The theme of that night was Angels and Devils (don't worry, I didn't use any "did angels fall from the heavens" pickup lines, although it would have been appropriate). One of the girls who decided to go as the devil, wound up wearing something that was awesome looking but at the same time, was literally choking her, because it was too tight on her. She decided to do the ol' double switch (two girls switch costumes) and she felt a lot better, even if it wasn't as good looking.

So, do you actually like wearing tight things, especially dresses, or do you just wear them because you know men will like them?

Also, what's the difference between tight and fitting?


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  • some women can't admit that theyre too big to fit into something because it means theyre fatter than the desired dress size. we like to wear things that show off our curves not in a slutty way

    in this case the stripper just wore it for the male attention or less likely that small outfit was the only size left so she bought it and forced herself into it rather than not being able to buy it at all but it was too uncomfortable to keep wearing all night so she gave in and switched.


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  • I like tight clothing, I feel that it accentuates my curves...

  • I love waering tights


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