Question about catching girl looking at me?

I've caught this girl in work looking at me. When I catch her, she shifts her eyes away to the side and down. If she interested she would hold eye contact?


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  • The fact that she stares at you is enough to say she might be interested, why else would she looking at you if she didn't found you interesting? The fact that she doesn't holds eye contact does not have anything to do with the fact that she's interested or not but more to do with his personality, she could be shy, or not that confident or she could just be scared to feel vulnerable and let you know she likes you.

    If you like her you should AT LEAST talk to her, what do you have to loose? If she's not interested after all, you'll at least have made a new friend at work, that always come in handy right?

    Best of lucks :)

    • I do talk to her, everyday. Just have caught when I'm the other side of office or something..

    • I would say she likes you, really why else would she be staring at you if it wasn't because she thinks you're attractive to look at or likes the way you act, you should start flirting with her, smile at her when you get the chance and act more interested in her :)

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  • Shes probably shy, and think about it, if there's a person you really like or are interested in and they catch you looking at them, wouldn't you feel a little embarrassed and look away. defiantly pursue her and have a chat, you never know where things will go!

  • Bye the sounds of it you Have already caught her eye maybe you talk to her see if get any more signs


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  • Women, generally, don't stare like men. If she's checking you out that is the woman's first move. You have to make the next move and it's very uncomfortable because men fear rejection. The next step is in your court now. Make a move or walk away.