What do I have, strep or thrush?

Ok, so last night I was looking in my mouth, and I saw some white stuff on the roof of my mouth, and down by my uvula, the dangly thing in the back of your mouth. I went to brush my teeth, and to see if I could scrape it off. And I was able to scrape some of it off. But not the stuff in the back of my throat. Also this morning my throat is really sore.

I looked on WebMD, and they said I might have Strep Throat or Thrush. I do have a girlfriend, so I'm worried that I might have gotten or given it to/from her. I'm going to meet with her today to see if she has any of the same stuff.


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  • sounds like it.


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  • Sounds as though you may have strep, if its red as well. Thrush is a yeasty type of infection that coats your tongue and throat.


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  • I'd hazard a guess that this is from your girl friend...better check with her. But an MD can tell you exactly what this is, and whether it's sexually transmitted, so that should be your first stop, not the girlfriend.