Feel insecure about my body when around her?

The girl I am seeing is really athletic and has a great body. She can pretty much beat me at any sport. I am really skinny, 6 feet and 155 pounds. I am slowly putting muscle on because I workout 5 days a week, it just takes me a long time to do it. It is nothing that she does, I just feel insecure and she has this great body and I feel like I should be able to giver her that back in return. We haven't had sex yet but are probably getting close. I can put on weight so my face doesn't look gaunt but then my body gets that skinny fat look. So I don't know which is worse.

Is this something I should bring up? Has anyone else been here before? Appreciate any thoughts on the matter.


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  • Drop your insecurities. She wouldn't be dating you if it was an issue.

    If you focus on this too much, you are going to put an unnecessary strain on the relationship and possibly ruin it.

    Focus on getting to know her better and focus on the HEALTH of your relationship.


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  • i don't think its a big issue actually you are doing stuff to get better and everything. so if she decided to be with you from the start and you had the same body


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  • I've been there. Hot chick rocking body loves this skinny no muscle guy (me). It was during my time when I believed guys can be friends with girls and she was awesome. Well I never lifted in my life but managed to get a six pack in 8th. Quite easy for skinny people. I maintained it knowing that was what girls loved. When high school rolled around I realized I wasn't much to gawk at. I trained and ate and trained even more. I gained weight slowly and decided to get a check up. I had high metabolism and at first I thought it was cool, but I was 5'11 and weight 135.

    In my case I contined working harder and eating became less of a hassle and more into a need. I was hungry from the intensity. Well girls noticed, but by the time I got there I was a senior. I say you should work with what you have.