Is he subtly interested or are these coincidences?

I never really know if a guy is trying to get my attention or is interested. I've never been flirted with or called pretty by anyone until this year (I'm a senior) but anyways, there's this guy & he just always seems to be around. he's in two of my classes. in the first class, he always seems to look at me a ton of times. even if he has his head down, if I get up, he's looking to see where I go & he's always standing really close to me in that class and find the silliest excuses to stand by me or at my desk. Like my friend asked him if he wanted to visit a place, where would he go and he got up from where he was and stood by me just to answer a one word question & sat down. & he's also really loud when talking to people in that class. but from him being so loud, I realize we have a lot in common & he's really funny. (i've always said I like guys who like going to concerts & he likes going to them ironically)

Now in my next class... he's the complete opposite! he sits behind me & He's really quiet. All he does is press his knees into the bottom of my chair & kinda wraps his feet around it (almost like he's protecting me idk)

I tried talking to him once though. I picked up something on the floor that I thought was his & he's like "no" with this angry-like voice.

He talks to literally every other girl that's around me in both class & is really nice to them.

So I'm not sure that if I pursue this kid, if anything would happen. This is my last year here so I hope something just magically happens lol


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  • It's high school, if you want him go for it. No point being nervous or anything, once you graduate you won't really give a shit about anything that happened. You will, however, regret not giving it a shot. Seems like he's into you from what I can tell.

    Hope this helped, feel free to comment/message if you need anything else


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  • When there are just too many coincidences, it's not a coincidence anymore. Many instructions on flirting will tell you that guys will try to get the girl's attention by being at the same places or suddenly having a same interest in something. And he's probably talking to those girls on purpose where you will notice that he's nice to girls, which would mean he would probably be nice to you. We can pretty much conclude that he's interested in you.

    And like the other answer states: it's high school, so just go have fun.


  • try talking to him more


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  • Don't do anything. If he's that interested he will make the move.