Would you rather have a diamond in the rough, or a polished stone?

Recession, or new economy? Who knows. All I know is a lot of men like myself have had a rough time of it.

Blame us, blame circumstances, either way we find ourselves overqualified for most jobs and short on credit and/or credentials for others.

So we look like scrubs. Old used cars, thrift shop clothes, credit in the trash, no big options on the horizon.

Inside we have more experience and promise than most princes. Outside we look like failures.

Would you rather have an intelligent, insightful, empathetic has-been, or a guy who's had it pretty good but seems to just have been born into it, or found the right network to push him along?

Would you rather gamble on a man who spends every moment struggling towards redemption, or go with someone lesser endowed in talent and vision, and more graced by providence and social contacts?

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  • Let me give you two scenarios:

    Guy A is attractive, outgoing and personable. He smart and has a great job and managed to eke through the recession with it intact. So much so that he's grown to a top level and makes the money to show for it. He's sitting comfortably and he knows it.

    Guy B is equally attractive, outgoing and personable but was hit hard by the recession. He's smart and has a great education, but unlike Guy A he was unable to find a job with said education. He sweat his way through the recession working three jobs. He's hopeful but doesn't have much to show for it.

    Can you guess who I picked? Nope...Guy B. Because you know what? Life happens. You can't blame someone for that. I had the option to date Guy A. We were acquaintances, not much more and I found him interesting and attractive. Until he opened his mouth and the first words were "money" and "condo." Guy B and I were also acquaintances. I knew he didn't have a "career" but I also found him interesting and attractive. We've been together for a year.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I'd go with the diamond in the rough because he'd probably be easier to keep.

  • A diamond in the rough, I like uncovering the surprise

  • i chose a. I like young with potential and a fresh outlook on life. ambition makes me so horny.

  • option A

  • I prefer to have the guy that made it through without the struggle. Regardless if he was born into it or found a network to push him along, I want a man that will be consistent and be able to provide for a family. I can sympathize with you and I know the struggle makes a person, etc., but the fact of the matter is I want security. Any woman who says they don't is lying.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm not your intnded answerer, but I can empathize, and I doubt most females will!

    The truth of course is that virtually all the females only have eyes for the guys who have made it, and all your inner light and qualifications is irrelevant to them. Just as they are to most hriing managers.

    It will be interesting to see how many females tell the truth about this.

  • I've been unemployed for long periods of time, and I've always worked for minimum wage - in fact sometimes less. But I've been with more women than the average guy my age (22) and I now have the perfect girlfriend. It isn't all about money.