Social anxiety and not trusting others?

Basically I'm really lonely, and looking for a girl that I can marry. But at the same time I'm having a hard time letting people get close to me, because I think they'll start judging me and condemning me for any mistakes I make. So I tend not to say much in fear that I'll make a mistake, and even if I do add something it'll be something small, so it makes it hard to connect with people that I want to get close because I'll still be worried about them judging me or waiting for me to make a mistake. I don't know, I just feel like I can't show anyone my true self. I don't know I guess I'm just looking for a close group of friends that I can enjoy and fun without worried about being judge, and just enjoy some good fellowship. But being so reserved unless I'm really conferrable with someone really makes it hard to find a wife..


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  • I'm having trouble finding an actual question here lol. If you're looking for advice, I'd say just try to take any new relationships slowly. A lot of people are afraid of being judged by what they do/say in new relationships so you're not alone. Take things slow and as you get to know people you'll feel more comfortable being yourself around them. And don't put too much pressure on yourself, not everybody will like you and that's okay, you can't expect to please everyone.


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  • This question is essentially me in a nutshell :P

    Nothing's wrong with distrusting others. Keeps you safe at the end of the day, eh?

  • Some people aren't meant to get married. Maybe that's you?

    • Wow. I'm really the only one who answered this? Sucks for you. Seriously though. You should probably give up hope. Giving up is what I do, and I live a decent life. People need to learn to accept that they can't get everything they want.