Is something going on in my body?

I'm always cold and don't like to be in cool conditions for a long time. its like I got to stay really warm to be comfortable than be in a cool room. I can be inside a nice cooling place and its hot or warm outside and I'm still kind of feeling chilly but not cold like freezing but just a little cool all the time so at my job I have to put on our little heater fans when its hot outside. idk. is there something going on in me?


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  • There could be a few things going on. If the problem is new it could be related to the AC. When summer rolls around AC gets cranked up and often makes it cooler inside than when it is winter time. Are you also cold outside or in other environments that are warm or hot? If you are then you might consider dehydration, calorie deprivation, excessively low body fat, anemia, or hypothyroidism. Do you also have low energy levels or a feeling of weakness? If you are noticing your hair falling out more and dry skin in addition to always being cold even when it is warm around you and you feel tired and weak I would think more about the hypothyroidism.

    Hopefully it is something totally benign like the AC. I hope this helps some.

    • Oh no. just when I'm in buildings and the ac doesn't even have to be kickin. its just the little coolness makes me feel uncomfortable to where I want to be warm and it being hot outside, makes a little warm inside but I feel a little cool and need my heater. my co worker hates when I put it on cause it makes her hotter but I wanna feel warm, not cool.

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    • A cardigan?

    • A sweater that buttons up the front.


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  • I think it may be a circulatory problem or you've got a hypothyroidism disorder. definitely go to the doctor and check that out.

  • your body could be low on iron, aka anemic, which can cause your body not to regualte your internal temp right, try eating bananas they are high iron, or take an OTC iron pills it may help

    • Bananas have very little iron. Perhaps you were thinking of potassium? or B6?

    • Thanks regular your it's potassium that I'm thinking of, my doctor told me it will help with anemia problems because it can help your body regulate and absorb iron, thanks for the correction

  • I'm always cold too. I hate being in cold places for too long, I just want to get out and feal the heat. Brrr. Reading this question made me cold. Hahaha. But hey, some people are just this way. I have lots of friends who are alwaaays cold and there's nothing wrong with them.