When you call a guy cute, is that a pity word?

If you saw a picture of a guy can called him cute, are you calling him cute out of pity? or because you do not want to be mean or hurt his feelings so you say ur cute?

I personally think that whenever a girl calls a guy cute

she means that I'm not interested in you that way but we can be friends

or something along the lines of that

And btw I'm not asking you

you just told me I look cute


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  • When I gave my boyfriend my number he texted me saying he thought I was really cute. I texted him back saying I thought he was cute too. I didn't really know him and I didn't want to tell him I thought he was hot. Now that we've been together longer and live together I really let him know what I think. Sometimes I tell him he's really hot, other days when we wake up in the morning and he smiles, he's cute and even adorable. And it's never been out of pity, sometimes he's blazing hot and other times he's just so f***ing cute. It goes both ways to, sometimes he calls tells me I'm a sexy bitch and other times he calls me a cute little girl. (I look really young lol) and I know it's never out of pity :)


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  • if someone puts me on the spot and asks me what they think of them, I might say they're cute when I'm really not attracted to them, but I don't want to insult them, anyone that has to ask how they look, they clearly have low self esteem.

    • No I mean if I was talking to you and you said (without me asking u) ur cute

      are you then saying it out of pity?

    • Oh, definitely not, I don't say things out of pity, if I didn't think someone was attractive I would never bring up the subject. I'll just tell the white lie if they bring it up cause I feel uncomfortable hurting their feelings. but if I just told you you were cute, then I meant it.

  • When you say that a girl is cute, are you saying it out of pity or are you saying it because she's actually cute, which is distinctly different than being hot or sexy?

    Well it's the same for girls. Cute is a very different look that hot, but is equally attractive depending on what you're looking for.

  • i think if a girl calls you cute it can be out of pity... butl it's also can be a word to put in so you don't really have to say what you really think about a guy like an example is "wow your really cute" souned better then saying something like "omg you really hot"

  • Are you kidding! Every guy that I have called cute I have been attracted too. Never out of pity. If I say he is cute I mean just that. Just today a hot guy came into my work, I told my coworker about him and my exact words were "Oh yeah this cute guy came in today and he will be coming back. So I use that for all the guys I like...You guys seem to worry about that word to much, like it means nothing to us. If a girl is calling you cute, it's a good thing. :)

  • For me, when I say a guy is cute, he's really cute. No pity from me. Ill usually let others know if I think a guy is cute or not. But overall, if I say a guy is cute, I mean it. :-)


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