Help me. I'm really scared she is gonna break up with me.

over the past week and a half or so my girlfriend hasn't been acting herself towards me. we both love each other and have said we want to spend our lives together but I'm really doubting that now. tears come to my eyes when I think of not having her in my life anymore. I'm really scared she is gonna break up with me. please help me, she is my world! any suggestions?


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  • how exactly has she changed, and how long have you guys been dating?

    • She has been more distant and we have been together for almost six months

    • Well from my experence that's about when people start to show who they really are. I don't think she's leaving you, just being mor of herself. maybe she needs a bit of space, doesn't mean you did anything wrong, just she needs some space sometimes.

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  • Maybe she's got her PMS? Might not be as bad as it looks... Sometimes girls haven't got their emotions in control, and say or do things they don't mean. Wait a bit longer before coming to any conclusion. Also try to find out what the matter is, she might not want to tell you directly though.