As you get better looking, do you become more guarded?

I lost weight and I went from not getting any guy attention to getting a lot more of it now. Back in my fat days I used to be able to be friendly and nice, and have it just be returned to me normally. Lately if I act the way I used to guys will take it and run and think they have a chance with me. I can't even smile at a guy without him trying to get with me. Or they check you out and you can sense that they want you.

So to avoid a lot of unwanted attention, I'm not as friendly as I used to be. I'm more aloof and only talk to people I really want to now. Maybe this is why good looking girls have a stereotype of being snobby. But I want to know can anyone else relate to that?


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  • I think lots of girls can relate - as I got older I started noticing that sort of attention, and it made me uncomfortable. I can be guarded if a guy starts talking to me and asking questions, as I learned from experience that he usually only wants one thing from me.

    I don't enjoy thinking of people that way and I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but it's just not wise.


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  • This is what's wrong with the world. Why can't we all just get along, no matter what we look like. You're what's wrong with this world


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  • Yes I can, I still got attention with more weight but even more when losing weight. I noticed I may not have been meaner or anything but I started to avoid certain situations that I didn't avoid before.

  • when talkiing to them don't be rude, just don't give them the attention they want or show them any interest.

    i can relate this, and it can be a real boost to your self confidence but make sure that you don't give them any false impressions or you'll end up friendzoning a lot of people. trust me.