Should I wear a leather jacket and a tie at the same time?

I usually wear a tucked in button up shirt and a tie when I'm not in school. I also really like my leather jacket. I was wondering if it is OK to where both of them together.

Girls, what do you think of this on guys?

link link link

I'm 6ft 2in, have dark brown hair, blue eyes, a fair complexion, and am quite muscular if it helps.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Disregard the third link.


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  • hmmm… well it really does depend on the guy. you have to know what your doing because it can go wrong. according to your description I reckon you could pull it off well.

    my suggestion is just to make it work in a similar way that the second link shows. its more subtle than the other 2. he looks classy rather than a bad boy, you know?

  • You're James Bond. You can rock anything!

    Honestly, I don't know. It depends on the combination of tie and jacket.

    • Thanks for the answer

  • if you can pull it off I say go for it

  • maybe not

    • Thanks for the answer.

  • it probably depends on the specific jacket and tie... Some probably work, (like link 2...) and some don't.

    • Thanks for the answer.

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  • That's some crazy Boy Meets World, Mr. Turner swerve right there.

    • I barley remember that show. Thanks for the answer.

  • It varies, but I'm not super into the idea. Generally, I say reserve the tie for a suit or blazer.

    • Thanks for the answer.

  • Yes you can... with a couple of requirements. It should at least coordinate. I wore a dress leather with my navy-colored suit pants and black dress-shoes, a decent light-blue long-sleeved shirt and a navy tie. I received several compliments on my looks & also got the money from the Economic Development Committee I was after. So I guess it worked for me. Good luck.

    • Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

  • I used to do this a lot.

    My work required a suit tie - and I rode a bike.

    I think I looked pretty awesome.

    • I hope to get my permit someday. Thanks for the answer.