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Should I wear a leather jacket and a tie at the same time?

I usually wear a tucked in button up shirt and a tie when I'm not in school. I also really like my leather jacket. I was wondering if it is OK to... Show More

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What Girls Said 23

  • if you can pull it off I say go for it

    • Thanks for the answer.

    • no problem

  • Um. No, unless you can really pull it off but...idk.

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  • You're James Bond. You can rock anything!Honestly, I don't know. It depends on the combination of tie and jacket.

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  • It's not typical but you might be able to pull it off if you are super good looking and sophisticated.

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  • Yea, that could look good too :)

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  • maybe not

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  • hmmm… well it really does depend on the guy. you have to know what your doing because it can go wrong. according to your description I reckon you could pull it off well. my suggestion is just to make it work in a similar way that the second link shows. its more subtle than the other 2. he looks classy rather than a bad boy, you know?

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    • np=]

  • It screams, "trying too hard."

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  • I'm kind of indifferent

  • God no. lol

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  • Only if you're really hot like guys in the pictures lol

    • You know it sweetheart ;). Thanks for the answer.

  • it probably depends on the specific jacket and tie... Some probably work, (like link 2...) and some don't.

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  • I think that if you want to

  • yes yes yes, I love that

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  • Not really. I think the two pieces clash, but whatever you think looks nice on you.

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  • you shouldn't wear

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  • you would look sexy I think.

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  • Yes but it has to be a leather tie, shixnit ;)

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  • Probably not. Your button up shirt with a leather jacket would be fine but with a tie, no. But try it on and see how it looks. Maybe if you kept everything in the same colour scheme (eg. black, grey, silver) it might look ok.

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  • Not a big fan

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  • Skinnier ties in solid colors look good with leather jackets. The "dad-suit" tie doesn't look as good with them.

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  • Um, I've got a hard time picturing somebody under 18 years old wearing that combo.

    • Why?

    • Give me best answer. Because there is no reason why most young people would put together that combo unless they are too fashion obsessed

  • No it doesn't look right.

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What Guys Said 5

  • It varies, but I'm not super into the idea. Generally, I say reserve the tie for a suit or blazer.

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  • That's some crazy Boy Meets World, Mr. Turner swerve right there.

    • I barley remember that show. Thanks for the answer.

  • Yes you can... with a couple of requirements. It should at least coordinate. I wore a dress leather with my navy-colored suit pants and black dress-shoes, a decent light-blue long-sleeved shirt and a navy tie. I received several compliments on my looks & also got the money from the Economic Development Committee I was after. So I guess it worked for me. Good luck.

    • Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

  • I used to do this a lot.My work required a suit tie - and I rode a bike.I think I looked pretty awesome.

    • I hope to get my permit someday. Thanks for the answer.

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