Strapless dress help?

Summary: I'm wearing a strapless dress, they don't look good on me. How can I minimize the effect?

I'm going to my school's semi formal dance, and I'm a little nervous about my dress choice. I love the dress- I've been eyeing it for months, and it just went on sale so it seemed like fate! It's got this photo print of a galaxy on the skirt and it's just gorgeous.

The only problem, is I don't think it'll look good on me. It's strapless and slightly short-waisted. I'm an hourglass with a muscular build and no boobs, so strapless dresses make me look like a gorilla-ish boy and empire waists do me no favors either. I really don't want another dress, so I have come to terms with the fact that this one won't really set me off. But is there anything I can do to make it a little better?

I haven't picked a hairstyle, and my hair is long thick and brown. I also don't have a strapless bra yet, so I'm thinking about going braless. (re: no boobs.) No bra would just flatten me right out, which surprisingly, sometimes works for me.

PS: I'm going to try to use the dance as an excuse to wow the guy I have a crush on. I really want him to ask me to dance, and if he doesn't, I might! ;) So I really would love to not have to worry about how I look.

Thank you!


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  • Hmmm. . . first off, you should always dress for your body and not pick a dress because it looks good on the rack. Secondly, I'm confused as to how you could be a hourglass figure if you have no boobs. An hourglass is curvy, full boobs and curvy hips and butt with a tight waist. Perhaps you're a pear?

    • I think she meant that she has no body shape and skinny. probably she is not American or don't speak English that much

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    • LOL! No problem. Happy to help. And since we guys spend a lot of time looking at your girls, we know what works and what doesn't.

    • Thanks for most helpful. Have you rocked the dress in public yet? How'd it go?


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  • A sparkling necklace, something with a lot of volume, ,will distract attention from, bosom.

    And remember that a lot of guys aren't so fixated on boobs any longer, so don't worry too much. As you say, the minimal bust often works for you. If your waist is small, I'm not surprised by that.

  • im not sure what the question is here

    • I was hoping a girl would answer... like, is this a hair up or hair down situation? Would tights help? Would bigger boobs look better in a strapless dress? Would shoes make a difference?

      None of my girl friends are going to the dance, and they are really bummed about it, so I don't want to discuss it with them...

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    • It's not a girls ask girls only dance, but I'm a little confused by what that means. Two couldn't get off work, and one quit in frustration because her dress got lost in the mail or something and it's stressing her out. My other friend just isn't going because she doesn't like dances, and never goes. Generally I'm the only one in our friend group who goes to dances, but they said they would come to this one so we got all excited and stuff, and then everything sort of went wrong.

    • I just clued in what the girls ask girls meant. I guess, true, I should have posted this on a different question site, but here's what I have an account for. I didn't mean that guys couldn't answer, the responses have been helpful. It's just that other girls wear dresses, and would know what makes themselves look better in them.

  • so don't go for a strapless dress if they don't look good on you. wear a classicly good looking dress that flatters what you have and minimizes your flaws. getting a cheaper dress that will look better and having it fitted to you will look better than trying to make a poor fitting dress, that doesn't look good at all, fit to your body.

    get a dress with a bit of bra built in so you can 'fake it'.

    if you have to have this one, make sure you get it fitted for your shape.


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  • Let your hair down and curl it