What Color Would Look Better In My Hair?

Ok So I'm Italian Indian So I Have Dark Skin And Hair That Is Pretty Much Black. My Mom Is Gonna Let Me Put Color In My Hair, Something Like Blue Or Green Or Something, So What Color Should I Do? Green, Blue, Bright Red, Purple, Pink? I Can't Decide


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  • How fun! I love experimenting with fun colors. I personally love the way dark hair looks with purple chunks. Remember to keep this in mind though: in order to put the funky color in, you will first need to bleach the sections so that they actually hold on to the color, otherwise they won't show up. The darker your hair is to begin with and the lighter the color you want to go,the more intense the bleaching will need to be, which risks a lot more damage. It would be better at least for the health of your hair to lighten only a few shades and do a darker color after. best of luck!


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  • put up a pic and we'll e able to judge it better


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  • Blue looks awesome in dark hair.