Is it wrong to not date someone JUST because of the way they dress?

Like if you meet a girl/or guy you like and they have an amazing personality but the only problem is, they dress nerdy or too slutty or they'll just basically be wearing clothes you don't like. Would it be wrong not to date that person?


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  • It's not wrong.


    If you're a girl, I think it's pretty silly to reject a guy for that reason. Maybe girls would be offended to be told to dress differently, but I think a lot of guys would appreciate style advice from their girlfriends.

    When it comes to dating a guy, style is the easiest thing to change. Yet many girls will reject a guy for bad style. It's just bizarre! And yet so many girls date guys while wanting to change their personalities, which is nearly impossible!

  • JUST and ONLY the way they dress? hell no. that's kinda dumb


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  • I would talk to them about it before I dated them. I'd probably say that I really liked them and they are an amazing person and I really want to date them but their choice of clothing is... uncomfortable for me. I don't like super baggy pants or shirts, I don't like t-shirts with stupid sayings on them- pictures and such are fine but none of that "Keep laughing this is your girlfriend's shirt" or shit like that. It just gets... childish and old. I just want a guy who looks presentable. Who I can bring home and not feel like I need to explain anything.

    If he refused to change his style then I'd say that I was really sorry but he wasn't the guy for me. But also, if that's who he is he SHOULDN'T change just for me. If that's his personality then more power to him we just weren't meant to be together. I respect his choices but it's just not going to work.

    I know it's shallow but appearance means a lot to me- clothing at least. I don't want to be embarrassed or feel like I need to explain to my girlfriends or family that he's better than he looks. And I want someone I can look at and just appreciate, just see them and smile and not look past their poor choice of clothing.

    And all this applies the other way 'round. If he didn't like how I dressed we could talk about it and try to find a solution but if none could be found without me compromising myself then I'd respect that and let it go.

  • Nope. You have a right to choose why you do or do not want to date someone.