Do you ever feel too ugly to be with him?

I'm a self-conscious person, I feel ugly, and sometimes I wonder how my boyfriend can be with me. I feel embarassed when he posts photos of me and him together because I keep thinking of hideous I look compared to him. I also feel slightly embarassed when I think his friends / collegues have seen photos of me and I wonder how he's not ashamed to be seen around me.


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  • Girl, PLEASE listen because I KNOW how you feel.

    You need to recognize what makes you beautiful. No guy is going to be with and post photos of and show off any girl that he is with that is not beautiful physically.

    You need to recognize what makes you physically beautiful as well as internally beautiful.

    If you don't then your insecurity will grow and will 100% affect your relationship negatively.

    This can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. you think "how can he stand to be seen with me.." and you will give this vibe out until one day he asks himself the same question, "how can I stand to be seen with this miserable girl with the sourpuss face that is no fun!" Then he leaves you and you are there thinking oh I knew it he was like this all along... when really you brought this on yourself.

    If you don't know what makes you beautiful, ask him in a playful way. When you are together alone and being romantic ask him what he likes about your personality... then ask what he likes about you physically. Don't take what he says as the end all be all, but take it and build on it yourself. Also don't use what he says to start a fight.

    The point is, you need to find SOMEWAY to find SOMETHING about yourself beautiful and be proud of it. Otherwise you will sabotage your relationship and push him away, and drive yourself crazy in the meantime.


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  • if you weren't good enough for him he wouldn't be with you. you're simply dealing with insecurity and self esteem issues. you have to believe that you are worthy of and deserve who you are and what you've got.

  • Many people feel that way. But he wouldn't be with you if he didn't like you.


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  • You are not alone in thinking that. You need to hang out with your friends more to help you ground yourself in a positive way. Be happy rather than feel shocked.