I have an ass, but not much of a bust-what can I wear?

any tips/pointers? I'm a barely B cup, but I have wide hips, (38 inches)..i don't know how I should dress to accentuate?


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  • I have the exact same issue. I'm right at an A cup, I have wide hips and I big booty. Best way to accentuate your small chest is to wear a shirt with a little bit of ruffles and don't wear a deep plunging -v neck top because obviously it will look awkward (been there, done that). Best way to deal with the wide hips is to wear shirts that flow at the bottom some because cinching your waist with a belt will make your mid section look bigger because you hips will stick out. I have that problem so I don't wear belts around my waist. And the butt thing, well don't wear jeans that are too tight or shorts that are too short because you will spill out of them and it looks trashy. Hope this helps!



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  • Bust isn't everything, booty is where its at!

  • tight jeans, of course, haha


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  • Okay you have to dress to work with whaat you got, but you could always fake it till you make it..haha bra pads, could make your b cups look like c cups. I've also learned that when you dress you should always pick which part of you will accentuate like seeing as you have

    a booty you should wear pants like babyphat, or applebottom, something that highlights

    that area. Then wear a nicee tight shirt that will give you the illusion of a perfect hour glass figure.

    haha unless you already one..

    workkk witthh itt

    i have a booty too and I usually get my clothes from www.drjays.com =)