Low confidence due to height problems?

i am currently Asian male, 22 years old and my height is only 163cm. I am usually attracted to females which is close to my height but most of them prefers to date with a taller guy.
My height problem is not too serious in my country since there are many local girls are shorter than me but i am worried on how do people will look at me when i am in United Kingdom which i will be heading soon for my studies.
Basically, my main question is what should i need to do to compensate my disadvantage in terms of height especially in western countries where most people are taller than me?


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  • "I am currently Asian male" - this made me giggle... Do you intend to change your race in the future? =D

    On a more serious note, there are girls who don't have a problem with height. Just find a girl who you can connect with, and if your height is a deal breaker for her, then she's shallow and not worth your time.

    • sorry, i do not intend to change my race. Maybe i am trying to sound as formal as possible since my English is not so good.

    • =D I know, I was just messing around ;)

      Really, I think guys makes a bigger problem out of height than it actually is for girls =)


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  • Just got to accept it. There are many UK guys around your height. But I think you'll find it harder to get anywhere with a white girl. Asian men aren't as popular as other races when it comes to dating while Asian women a generally deemed attractive by white men. Of course that doesn't apply to everyone.


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  • You could consider leg lengthening surgery if you are that desperate, it can give u another 3-4 inches...(but it is extremely expensive and you might face serious complications though)

  • It's only as much of a problem as you choose to make it.