Watch and tell me your reaction to this video?
Tell me what you think about this video?
How many of you end up looking at a girl's (or boy's? lol) booty when wearing yoga pants? Or staring at someone's booty anytime.

Just a random video and question for you guys :)


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  • Not going to watch the vid because I already have an opinion about this. If I find a guy attractive , I'm probably going to look at his butt along with everything else. I'm a touchy feely type of gal so I like to grab, let these other people know what's mine. I mean even if no one is watching, if I want to grab his booty that's what I'm going to do. Lol.

    • Hahaha true, aww you should have watched it. It was pretty funny. Thanks for your response.

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    • Because they can see what you got going on all up under there lol they knowwwwwww xD

    • That's for sure! Hahaha

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  • Didn't work for me, it skipped to the end which was him talking... i'd probably not watch it anyway since the first thing I seen as the page came up was YOGA PANTS PRANK. I'm always skeptical of most things online anyway, i've seen people pranking guys on omegle or chatroulette posing as girls, getting the guy to do something then their friends all jump in and laugh at him.

  • Man I can't help it when I see girls wearing yoga pants I just have to stare. I personally think it's because yoga pants are like a tease. I hear girls like wearing them cuz they're like "a second skin layer" and it practically is. I mean those yoga pants just fit around a girl's butt i can just imagine her w/o her pants cuz all I have to do is change the color of those tights to w/e her skin tone is.

    • Yeah, pretty much BUT they aren't made equally if you know what I mean. Not everyone can rock yoga pants, not to be mean to girls who wear them and don't look good in them.

  • Hilarious! I always check girls butts out when they wear leggings I can't help it.


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  • without looking at the video... I'll say yoga pants or not, if the person has a nice big perky butt i'm going to look! and no i'm not lesbian but I tend to look when someone has a BIG butt if they have a nice body. I see people with yoga pants all the time and i don't look at their bum bums because a nice booty isn't soo common! lol so there's nothing to look at even with yoga pants!

    • HAHAHAHA! now i saw it!! well he's sticking his butt out! even if it's small people will look if he's wearing tight clothing and ass in the air!! hahaha and not precisely because it's nice, but because it's just awkwardly sticking out! Like WHY? hahah it's funny!

    • Yeah I get what you mean sometimes we just naturally look without it being sexual unless you want it to be.

    • Haha basically he is a magnet and attracting the guys who pass by because he has his butt out there. xD