How do I go get my hair "healthy" again?

Ok, before you come at me that I'm doing this to my own hair, I know. I dye my hair. However, I used to dye my hair and style it 4-5 times a week (and wash it every other day) and it looked great. It was soft, smooth and it looked healthy. Now since a few months (actually almost half a year, maybe even longer) that has changed. I quit styling my hair, I don't even do it once a month anymore, just on special occasions. I'm trying different shampoos but my hair just keeps being dry. I used herbal essences for coloured hair, I've been trying dove now for a month or two but nothing changed. I'm using a morroccan oil from Boots cuz I heared argan oil is good for your hair. I don't dye my hair every month by the way .


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  • It depends a great deal on your hair's porosity, density, and texture, and whether you have naturally straight, wavy, curly, or kinky hair. If your hair has any sort of wave or curl in it I highly suggest you check out the Naturally Curly website. It has really helped me take great care of my curly hair and figure out my hair properties.

    Are you bleaching your hair a lighter color or dying it a darker color? Dying it a dark color is unlikely to damage it. Bleaching, however, can damage your hair. By styling your hair, do you mean using heat on it? Such as blow-drying, flat-ironing, or curling it? Using heat excessively can be extremely damaging if you don't know how to properly maintain the health of your hair. And if you have a perm, relaxer, or texturizer in your hair then that can stunt your hair growth and cause it to break. I had a texturizer for years, and while my hair stayed healthy, the growth was stunted. Then the huge mistake of putting a relaxer on my hair was made and my hair fell out! I had super scraggly, thin, shoulder length hair. Finally now that I am natural and do not use any harsh chemical treatments on my hair, my hair is back to being very thick and long. So if you treat your hair chemically you may want to consider not using those chemicals in your hair anymore.


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  • Buy a sulfate free shampoo. This is probably the best change you can make. I also regularly color my hair and it's never felt or looked damaged. I'm positive that it has to do with the fact that I use a natural shampoo that doesn't dry out my hair further with extra chemicals. Dove doesn't work on my hair and neither do many of these drugstore brands. I'd also do some hair treatments. You can try a honey hair treatment.. or coconut hair treatment. Actually there's so many out there. Just google natural hair treatment recipes or something similar. Other than that, cut back on heat styling and I'd recommend a very very moisturizing conditioner. I use the conditioner you get with Nice n Easy hair dyes because it's sooo amazing and makes my hair silky smooth. I don't think you can purchase it separately though but it's worth buying the hair dye just for the conditioner in my opinion. It lasts a long time too as you only use it once a week.

  • Yeah its just from beating up ur hair when u were younger. Try vitamins for hair and nails. Or if ur into homeopathic medicine U can also try mayo or egg treatments. Wcs go see Ur doc.

  • Stop dying it. Eat better , and like get a hair mask for it. Also switch to a sulfate free shampoo as other shampoos use sulfate which is the shit that is in laundry detergent and it is harsh. I use the Organix line and they have lots of shampoos to choose from , like the argan oil ones are good, and so is the sea mineral moisture one. Also the Argan oil they sell is really good for that.