Thoughts on hot girl with skin problems?

If she has a nice body, whole package except she deals with occasional acne


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  • Some acne problems is totally fine. It will go away after some time. No big deal. I still remember a hot girl in my high school who had some acne problems but nobody really payed attention or really noticed because of how beautiful she looked all together. In general. So she had some acne problems, but everything else about her looks canceled out the notice of acne.


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  • I was attracted to a girl once with bad acne. I wondered to myself... "so I guess the only place I can kiss her is on her lips because she doesn't have any smooth skin left on her face." LOL!!! She had the worst facial acne I've ever seen.

    • Aww thats not good lol i mean a girl who has ocassional small breakouts but smooth skin, few acne scara

    • I just had to give you the worst case scenario. We might have dated if she and I weren't so shy.

    • Thats cute though

  • You mean like a human being uh I don't think so

    • What dont you think so?

    • Girl any human being might have occasional acne and it doesn't matter. So hey feel better about yourself!

      Though I definitely wouldn't even consider you past your question since you'd say something like you're hot and the whole package. Somehow that turns me off a lot more than a zit so I guess there's all sorts of people out there huh

    • I wouldn't consider myself hot i am just asking if there was a hot girl with it what would you think

  • You could argue she's not hot if she doesn't have good skin, but it's whatever


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  • I have that problem too. I have acne and acne scars. It's one of my biggest insecurities. I'm trying Proactive, but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I hate it :(

    • We are on the same boat :( retin a works wonders

    • I did try that before, it dried my skin out to the point where if I scratched it it would snow. Ew. I stopped.

    • Also, try OXY. I use that, it's really good. You just rinse and lather, twice a day everyday until you see permanent results

  • I guess that suitors would hope she got treatment in the immediate future. But finding the correct treatment is hard to find. I had terrible acne and it took six years for me to find the right treatment. :/

    • What did you use?

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    • I tried the oil cleansing for a while ago it helped hut i dont think ita for everyone because it made my mom breakout

    • I didn't say it worked for everyone but try another! But I think a proper diet and lifestyle is the best chance for clear skin.