What kind of cologne do you wear/like?

Hi, I'm in the process of stocking up on some smell good stuff. Right now I have Nautica Blue and Davidoff Cool Water. When I shop for them they are all sealed up so there is no way of smelling them to see what you like so I have to go off reviews. The Nautica smells better to me, but I am a guy and I'm certainly not trying to attract guys so I need some female opinions. And yes, only one spray so as not to smell like a 70 man :O Guys can put what you wear as well!
Thanks much =D


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  • Technically they are all perfumes. Cologne does not = for guys... contrary to mainstream America.

    Perfume = less diluted.
    Cologne = highly diluted.

    That is the only difference.

    As for recommendations... that is top secret. jk

    Hugo boss is decent.


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  • Ugh... you wear the stinky sh*t. I never did like Axe or any kind of cologne. Too strong.


What Guys Said 2

  • I don't like cologne or perfume. usually people put way too much on. once and a great while I will use some of the Polo I have that I purchased on my honeymoon back in 1993. The bottle is still around 95% full. There are a few nice smelling perfumes but they get irritating after a while and I prefer she does not wear any.

  • Dude, the girls can't keep their hands off me when I wear Fierce by Abercrombie! Get some and "get some", bro!