How do you feel about bald men who wear wigs?

I'm 22 and already quite far on my way to being bald. My hair loss is hereditary, not caused by ill health. I currently use nizoral shampoo and minoxidil foam to try and prevent it, they don't really work, although I think it has slowed down slightly. My only other possible treatment option would be finasteride/dutasteride which I'm afraid to take because of the potential side effects (erectile dysfunction, loss of sex drive, gynecomastia), especially since some people claim these effects are permanent.

I currently hide my receding hairline with a fringe but its getting harder to do so, within the near future (2-3 years) I'll probably be noticeably bald. I really don't want to be bald since I look awful enough with short hair, let alone no hair.

What would you think of a guy who wore a wig? Assuming it was convincing, would you be willing to date him? How about if you started dating him and didn't know, how would you feel when he told you?

In some ways I feel pathetic just asking this question, but then I think about how everyone wears certain clothes to project a better version of themselves, the same is true for make up/heels/hair dye/tanning/ etc , so maybe its not such a big deal? I mean everyone spends huge amounts of money, effort and time on trying to look good so is wearing a wig so bad? I'm not really sure and just wonder how everyone else thinks on this.

Please no more answers implying I'll look good bald. You haven't seen me, you have nothing to base that on. I'm in the best position here to say how I will look bald, since I'm the only one who knows what I look like.


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  • Do not go down the wig route. Men are supposed to go bald. It can be attractive. Just cut your hair short and go with it. The wig will have to come off eventually and I'm guessing you'll have kept your remaining hair long. The image alone makes me nauseous. Wigs are for girls/women who have gone through chemo, have Appalachia or some other sort of illness that's causing hair loss.

    I've always found the close shaved guys attractive even knowing they're balding. I'm seeing a guy now who has a full head of hair and a teen hairstyle and it makes him seem less manly than the other guys. It's not uncommon for a guy in his early 20s to start going bald.


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  • Accept the fact that your balding. Dont try with the comb over or wig. You may not think you look good but unless you get fake hair that literally attaches to your head dont bother. You can wear hats girls know your balding with it but you won't be teased. You will always be teased with a wig I promise you that. Plus fyi super uncomfortable

    • I've considered just buying lots of hats but the main issue is you can't wear them everywhere. For example, I can't wear a hat to work.

    • Just rock the bald even if you don't think you'll look good. When my mom got cancer and lost her hair it looked bad but it looked a lot less stupid then her wearing her wig.

  • Terrible! Just shave it off now and get used to not having hair. I'm sure it will look a lot better. A wig will always stand out and it always looks terrible. If you wear a wig people will always be looking at your head trying to determine what it is that they can't place but it's not quite right... You're a lot better off just shaving and leaving it like that. It could be really sexy.

    • 'I'm sure it will look a lot better.'

      Are you psychic? If not, what are you basing this on?

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    • But if she runs her fingers through your hair -if you're wearing a wig - wouldn't she notice that it's a wig? If it doesn't slide off, she will be able to tell by touching your head.
      Wouldn't it be better if you feel great on your own? Without the help of a wig?

    • Women rarely run their fingers through my hair. Its not a problem I will encounter a lot.

      Feel great on my own? I'd have to since I'd be eternally on my own. No woman would go near me.

  • For much Bald is better. Haven't you noticed that every day are more bald guys? So not big deal to be bald. Be yourself and don't worry for something that isn't that bad.

  • Bald is better than a wig.

    • Care to explain why?

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    • Then how about you show us a picture?

    • I don't need opinions on whether I'll look good bald. I already know the answer. Furthermore my experience is that strangers will always tell you that you look fine even if you don't. I've actually experimented that here with some highly unattractive people's pictures :)

  • Wigs are just ugly and feminine. You're better off with the bald head.

  • he is going to get... 600 rejections ;)

    • Can people who insist on posting this in all my questions please be blocked from contacting me, since they clearly do not have anything constructive to add. Sick of being harassed by these cunts.

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    • lol dude

    • It was a funny joke Asker :)

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  • I mean, I thought shaving my head would look terrible too, that it would not suit me and the like. I had the image of Darth Vader when he took off his mask in my mind... I mean, I'm not wholly disputing your assessment of yourself, but it is entirely possible that you have made it out to be much worse than it is, particularly because you're so worried about/focusing on, it? You really can't know how it will look til you give it a go, it will likely look much better than you imagine it.

    I generally think attractiveness is defined by your facial characteristics. I don't think it will dramatically improve or reduce your looks either way. Of course, there's a fair few women that very vocally won't like it, but fuck 'em. There's plenty who don't care either.

    The way I see it, you don't have many options... I personally could not tolerate a life time of putting that snake oil on my head. A wig, really? I've heard they're much better now, but still... I don't think I could deal with the self consciousness and the constant checking. finasteride will potentially give you a limp cock. You could leave it as it is, but I happen to think bald is more dynamic looking than balding. And it's no fun having to constantly readjust your hair when a gust of wind strikes.

    For me going bald was a character building experience. Teaches you to stand up for yourself, take yourself less seriously, and ignore the nay-sayers.

    slybaldguys is a good forum to frequent. They present balding in a positive light.

    • Hair is very good for distracting attention away from poor facial features. I have a large nose, a weak chin and recessed asymmetrical jaws. These features stand out far more without hair. I know this since I shaved my head aged 17 and looked like shit.

      I appreciate the answer though, I'll be sure to think a bit more on the rest of it.

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    • Lookup Lindsey Stirling, that's my standard for dating, very slender and petite, In good shap, beautiful face, and a good heart along with faith in God. All those are 'musts' for me. If she had all those but was slightly pudgy, no, if she had all but cute face, no, if she had all but a bad heart, no. It's all or nothing on big goals. And for me I can use Lindsey as the perfect example of what I expect both body and mind. I think we can both agree that just because we don't have hair doesn't mean we can't expect girls like that or whatever you may find as attractive etc. I'll find my Lindsey lookalike dream girl and you'll find your personal dream girl.

  • I am balding too and I use the shampoo Nioxin # 1 to stop it from losing it any further. It works great but you need to use it habitually every other day.

    I think if you wear a wig that kinda cool. Do it if you want.

    In the mean time save $100 or more a month for hair restoration surgery.

  • i think baldness is can be carried more respectfully than receding hairlines and wigs...

    • Respect isn't the issue. Going from below average looking to full blown hideous is the issue.

    • i meant you can be confident with being bald.
      and also bald people can also look good like van deisel, a discovery guy who shows guns, a lot of footballers etc, and also normal people..
      i think no need to rate your decrement from a haired to non-haired, obviously it is an issue and need to be taken care off but yes be happy and confident even without it (hair).

    • Yeah, that's a load of shit.