How do I still dress somewhat feminine in a very male-dominated job?

I have job in a very male-dominated field, mechanically related, I work in parts. Anyway, we have to wear steel-toed workboots, and a uniform shirt. Pants is up to us, jeans are typical or work pants as there's a lot of grease, oil, dirt.

I'm the only woman on the main floor (administration has 3 other women). I like to still be somewhat feminine (normally I'd be in a skirt, blouse, that type). I have to have my hair pulled up (safety). Is there anything at all I can do? My job is easier if the customers know they are dealing with a woman and honestly, the way it is right, now I don't feel like that. We did just get new shirts and the lady in charge assured me that this time she ordered a women's shirt for me, not just a small men's shirt. I'm hoping since the cut will fit me better, I'll feel better.

I do love my job, its a lot of fun and I worked hard to get here, its just a bit awkward at times. When I started working here, it was easier, they didn't have shirts small enough for me, so I got dress decently in jeans and a blouse (just had to match the company colour). I got way less crude and rude comments than I do now. My bosses do call out customers who do this but its tiring. And lipstick just doesn't last for a 12 hour shift LOL.

Any help?


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  • I agree w/ the anon below me.

    wear jewelry if u can get away with it. cute stud earrings, a little necklace a ring

    smell nicely

    light makeup. do a 40s looking cat eye and wear lipgloss or a nude lip

    do your hair in a cute ponytail or bun even if it has to be pulled back

    style urself as much as u can within the dress code boundaries

    • Thanks! I do have some jewelry (can't do rings or necklaces). I think I'll go check pinterest for cute updos.

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  • Maybe wear something girly to keep your hair in the bun or pontytail.


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  • I don't think you can. Unless you're in the office setting.

  • You chose this job, dress like the guys. In your free time dress feminine.

    • I work 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week. I don't exactly get "free" time and my free time is spent working on my business/2nd job where not "dressing like the guys" is deadly. I just hate being mistake for a guy at least once a week. But yes, I did chose this job.

  • Jewelry, perfume and tuck your shirt in. If it is a button up shirt maybe wear a more feminine shirt under it and leave enough buttons undone to show that shirt as well. That is all I got. Looking feminine can also be how you carry and present yourself too.