Girls rate me please on a 1-10 scale?

I seem to be having a problem getting girls to be interested in me and I also need tips on a new hairstyle as well. Also, explain why you gave me that rating and who you would rank as that rating. I posted this on another place but it seems like it keep getting removed before I check the answers :(.

I also need a new hairstyle since my friend says it looks kinda gay (justin bieber)
1. I am not gay
2. Can't get a lower body shot right now sorry!


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  • You are very good looking. But, your hairstyle needs to change.
    Rate: 8.5 You have a very nice skin tone and eyes. Your face is masculine and attractive.

    Pick a hair style that doesn't have a fringe. The length should also be either shorter or longer than the pic.


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  • Before I rate, I have two questions: 1 You are not gay right? 2 Can you post a pic that can show you body shape? Cause that also matters

    • 1. I am not gay
      2. Can't get a lower body shot right now sorry!

    • Well, nice, I'll give you a 9. Also I am happy you are not gay lol

What Guys Said 1

  • I know you don't want a rating from a guy but I have good taste trust me as a straight guy you are very good looking 8/10 you have nice hair and nice eyebrows which you would be amazed how well that can help highlight your features.