I finally have to ask, how baggy is "too baggy"?

So I feel silly for asking this question but oh well.

So I've just read a lot of posts about girls saying that they don't like a guy with baggy pants. How baggy are we talking? lol sorry. I pretty much only wear boot cut pants. They fit my waist perfectly, but around my legs they're a little loose and then obviously they flare out a little more and are crumpled up a little bit at the bottoms. I like my pants this way because when I sit I don't want anything pulling too tight on me, whether it be my waist, groin, thighs or knees. I also DON'T want the bottoms of my pants to go up half way or higher on my boots. (when I sit they actually go just high enough that they barely miss the top part of my boot where it flattens out..you know the part where your shins curve to meet the top of your foot **if that makes any sense**) So is this considered "too baggy"? I'm a 32"x30" by the way and only wear boots with pants and shorts with sneakers/sandals.

Oh and I'll die before I ever wear skinny guy jeans or anything that would wrap even remotely tight around my thighs either. Noooo way.


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  • Too baggy is when they are practically sliding off of you and are sagging, or when you can fit your entire body in one leg. It is appalling to me that some guys on purposely buy pants that are much too big for them. I've seen so many guys wear pants like that, and it looks so sloppy. If they fit on your waist perfectly, then you really have nothing to worry about, and you don't have to wear skinny jeans, either (I really don't like those either). But yes, your pants sound fine from the way you described them.


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  • i dont' mind baggy jeans on a guy, as long as he covers his ass and half his boxers are not hanging out then I'm ok .

  • Good, skinny jeans are ugly on guys lol. Too baggy is when their pants fall down past their bum! That really annoys me.

  • yours seems to be good

  • i don't like when a guy has to hgold their pants when they walk or even pull them up but at the same time I hate guys whole wear skinny jeans

    • I wear a belt with anything with belt loops. Even if the pants fit with out a belt. Point being..mine are never even close to falling off.

    • Ok well that sounds good

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