I'm so confused, what can I do? How am I supposed to feel?

So my crush was a big jerk and everything, so I'm pretty much mad at him. so he found it annoying that I liked him all year, so I said fine I'm done liking you for good. the next day he's sitting there staring at me, during lunch he was staring at me, and class he was staring at me, when I was talking to other guys he was staring at me. then 2 days later we went to the amusement park. (cedar point) and he was standing in line, and I was ignoring him talking to some other guys and being flirty with them and he's sitting there staring at me. then I put my hand on the pole and then he happens to put his hand on the pole and set it on mine. then I quickly move it way, then we get on the roller coaster, and he's sitting in front of me, and then he keeps trying to talk to me, but I keep ignoring him, and every time he looked at me I made sure I turned my head away. so what am I supposed to do? He keeps looking at me and trying to talk to me. and when I talk to other guys he's just sitting there looking at me.


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  • so yall are weird but he just sounds creep I would leave him


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  • You either like him or you don't. Which is it? He obviously loved the attention you were showing him and now he misses it. He loves the attention, he doesn't necessarily like you. Stop playing these silly games. If you two want to be with each other, just make it happen or move on.