My hair is the problem... haha Help?

Hey! haha here's a question for you. Anyone can answer.
So um my hair haha (girl problems) WELL when i was young i used to have straight hair, right up to about 12. Then my friend introduced me to getting my hair layered, so i did and i kept on cutting it short and layering it every now and then.

Up till about 14 then i stopped and it started to go wavy, so i was like no! and my hair now is still wavy, well besides the fact that i do straighten it, but the hair has like caught up to each other and not in layers anymore, but wouldn't u think my hair would go straight again? well why hasn't it yet? if i was born with originally straight hair, can hair change from being straight to wavy? Why is this happening?

Need to understand, or is there any good products for your hair, I'm from New Zealand so yea that would be more understandable :D Thank you so much for the help!


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  • Look hair can change! I was born with blonde blonde crazy curly hair, and was like that till primary school.Then my hair started getting darker and now I'm a light brunette with sliglty lighter ends.Have never deyed them.And not only that but my hair is silky straight.My sister on the other hand had straight hair when she was young and now has beautifull curls.If your hair was layered the curled because the didn't have enough weight on them.But if now they are one layer all, they should go back to straight, because of the weight. :)


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  • Yes it does go from straight to curly. Like you I was right around the age of 12 when my hair went from straight to curly. After you go curly you can't make your hair go straight and keep it that way. The curls come from your scalp and it has to do with your scalp not being even or flat.

  • i had a friend, and her hair was all wavy/curly and like it changed to be straight in like a month. no idea why that was:-) maybe sth to do with hormones? Birth control?


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  • It means you were born with a heterozygous (mixed) wavy hair gene! Not a straight gene. It just kicks in a bit later. It's like my mom. Born with platinum blonde hair. Now she's 31 and has brown hair.