Bathing suit shopping? Your suggestions?

Ok so I'm going to get a bathing suit to day. I'm super cheap unless I really think I a more expensive thing will have benefits.
I'm a Banana shape. I need my suit to be playable in but also a two piece (because my torso is long and rather skinny I can't get ones to fit right.) So I was thinking a a Bandeni (Typical bottoms) with a dark shirt over top or not.
Thoughts? Any genders answers are welcome.

i went with a bakini with a sheer fabric hanging down to cover my stomach and boy shorts. Its very cute. thanks


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  • I think the bandeau style top is good as you can not get tan lines over your shoulders. They do make your breasts look smaller though. For me I am a fan of the triangle bikini top and side tie bottoms. The style has been around for 50 years as it looks great on almost all body types.


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