Why do people wear those shiny shirts from The Buckle??

And I see it all the time! The designs are cool until you notice some parts of it are shiny or have rhinestones, sometimes even GLITTER. Tons of guys wear these artistic shirts like Affliction, Aqua VI, etc., but when they're shiny, they're off limits for me, should I rethink this?

The salesman at Buckle honestly showed me the most expensive shirt there, by Ed Hardy, and it had glitter all over it, for the low low price of 90$. Is my gaydar screwed up or is this absurd?


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What Girls Said 1

  • lol. it's really upscale then wow. 90$ for a tshirt? hmmm. I work in retail and yes, I do have to promote the products in my store. it depends. sometimes if you try it on and it suits you, why not? if you have a big pay cheque and the colour and design suit you, I would invest in iit. I would definitely buy something that I believe looks flattering on me


What Guys Said 1

  • although I do like a few of the affliction shirts I agree with you on this.

    guys clothes is starting to get too shiny and sparkly ... looks really gay to me too specially these shirts that people are wearing nowadays that have a crazy mix of bright ass colors