Is he just not that into me or is he waiting for Fall?

I hooked up with a guy right at the end of the semester, now its summer and we don't talk because we live far apart and don't see each other, but I'm hoping something will happen again between us in the fall. But - We don't really talk. Does this mean if he's not talking to me he's just not that into me? Or he's busy this summer and waiting for the fall...


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  • if he was really into you then I think he would stay in touch, but maybe you two just hadn't gotten that close yet since it was right at the end of the semester. I wouldn't wait around all summer hoping for something that might not happen, especially since he hasn't given you any reason to think he is waiting for you. but on the other hand if you're both single at the start of school then maybe you can pick up where you left off. good luck.


What Girls Said 1

  • i was in your shoes and I waited for the fall semester to start too...and my life just became a game of hot and cold...there were instances where he seemed like he was dieing to see me and mssed me, and then he continued his little man games of not calling contacting me and such..and I kept waiting like a loser...a year down the finally over it and have my heads up for some new, REAL MEN to come around