How are we supposed to tell if you want to hook up with us?

I'm a college student. I go to parties, I drink, I talk to a lot of girls, etc. I'm surrounded by people hooking up all around me, yet I never manage to do it myself. Frankly, I think its because I have no freaking clue how to judge if a girl is interested in me or not, and I'm not about to lean in for a kiss without having some sort of indication. What are some signs or signals I should keep an eye out for?


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  • we give you "that" look, I don't know how else to describe it. we just stare you down with bedroom eyes.


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  • i agree with the two previous answers, but you can also know if a girl is interested in you if she makes a lot of body contact with u, like touching your arm, etc..

  • Yep yep thus are good answers and I usually just tell them if we are alone and he keeps fluting with me.

  • it's all about her eyes,

    if she looks at your lips.

    then go in for a kiss.

    if that fails, give her one on the cheek.

    be romantic. and don't move to fast. I find sweetness in a guy most attractive.

    • Wtf, how do you tell if she is looking at your lips ?!

      Maybe, this is hard for me because I am tall and every girls loks up to my my face

  • yeah it's in the eyes. the eyes are a dead giveaway.

    • What a pain in the ass. That's f***ing stupid, just say what you want.

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