Why do other girls give me dirty looks?

girls I have never met give me the dirtiest looks! I feel so weird and awkward. like today I had to take a regents exam in the gym with all the 9th graders. I'm in 10th grade and don't know any of them and have never seen them before. I dotn have a reputation and I'm not rude to anyone. they give me a look like I don't know how to explain. they look me up and down and theyre eyebrows are like raised an pulled together and then roll their eyes. it happens with a lot of separate girls, not in like a group or anything. I don't know why. I'm a girl too but I've never done that to someone..i never had a reason to. and even if I go somewhere, random people like adults, teens, kids look at me strangely. not rudely but they're kinda locked on me and usually smile or just keep looking away and then back. I kinda don't get it..what is it about me? is this good or bad?


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  • It's called haters they come and go./


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  • You are probably beautiful. That scares people. One you are competition, two some people think beautiful people are shallow and have a sense of entitlement. Don't let it go to your head that you are beautiful, but don't let em step on you or make you feel bad about yourself.

  • the exact same thing happens to me. its because your pretty, you have something they will never have, its normally the plainer girls that seem to have a problem with it. women are very jelous creatures and yes it is a good thing just smile and laugh its there problem not yours