What do men say that turn women off?

So a guy going with a girl what sort of things can he say that puts a girl off, I no the obvious man things to avoid, but when being romantic and 'soppy' is there anything that girls don't want to hear?

any ideas are welcome thanx


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  • i hate when guys use cliches, or they expect me to boost their confidence for them. I had a bad experience with a guy I used to like, he wanted to just show me off to his buddies and I was his confidence booster-um didn't last that long.

    i also hate when a guy is over sexual or perverted. I would feel that he lacked the ability to carry an ordinary conversation wtih me without refering constantly to his physical needs. of course, I would instantiously cease to talk to someone who was like that.

    it turns me off when I hear guys or see them rating us like in their minds 'like oh she's a 6 or she's 10'. honestly, I hate shallow guys. I have heard guys talk about their girlfriends like that where I worked, I would be so furious if I was that guys' gf, it wouldnt' even be funny. lol.


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  • honestly , watch out for back handed compliments !

    haha those can really ruin a moment ,

    and unless your normal the clingy type some strong things

    being said aren't a big deal . a girl needs to hear that you not

    only want them but need them every once and a while .

    just make sure you keep the super gooey romance to

    minimum , girl or guy they may run away scared(:

    • Thanx very much, I like your idea of sayin bout needing them

  • Anything that is over the top clingy such as: You are my air. without you I can't breathe.

    • Yeah that sort of line is way over the top. What would you think if a guy said- I want to protect you

    • That's not bad. Some women would take offense to that thinking that you are telling them they can't take care of themselves.

    • Yea that what I tought, jus wandered I'm not great with that romantic sort of tlk

  • bragging, cheesy pick-up lines, talking about other girls...anything insulting to us (duh)

  • when they talk about other girls to her

  • I hate when guys try to sweet talk me. It's like shut the hell up you know you don't mean half it.

    It turns me off when guys compare and judge girls. Its like a guy could be 300 lbs. and ugly as hell but he puts down every girl that isn't perfectly hot. Makes no sense.

    • Lol yeah I have noticed ur last part of the comment like

  • when they brag about themselves and when they start being dirrty on a first date... and when they get too pushy!


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  • Its not what guys say dude... Its the reason behind what you said.


    Any girl here can give you a phrase she says will turn her off, but I can find a guy who can say it and not turn her off.


    If you focus on who you are, and what your intention is, your words/what you say will match it just fine. Don't focus on what you say, focus on being the right guy.


    Attitudes that turn off girls:




    -Horny (in a douchebag needy way, you can be horny in a cool smooth way)






    -Want to impress her too hard

    -Too reactive (depend on what she says/does too much)

    As long as you're in a cool, smooth, charismatic attitude where you're being yourself and communicating genuinely and honestly, you won't find yourself saying anything that turns her off.