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Is he thinking about me?

... oh there is this boy, and he acts just as a friend but I like him way more then a friend. and he is always teasing me, and asking me if I want to... Show More

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  • Well why not catch him off guard and say, "Sure, why not"? I think confidence is a key factor in getting a guy's attention rather than wondering at home if he is thinking about you or not. Remember that he is technically flriting with you, and he knows your shy. So perhaps he's merely flirting with you, but he's not all that serious. Perhaps he isn't, because maybe he's interested in girls who are more daring. I'm not asking you to be something your not, I'm simply telling you to take a chance and be more confident and more admitting to what you want. If you finally flrit with him too and he reveals he has no real feelings for you, don't be burnt. You can't gain experience and find a great guy without taking some pitfalls.

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  • Lol.Yes.Plain and Simple.But, the complex part is, what he's thinking of you.Just a nice girl?As someone he likes?Etc.But Yes he is.

  • defintly likes you. but you might like him more

  • Yeah he's thinking about you. He enjoys the attention you give him. He enjoys the reactions you have and is playing with you a bit. If he wants to be with you he will make an effort. I agree with LindsayLouLou

What Girls Said 6

  • Hmm I dunno. I think he likes you. and yes he's probly thinkin about you

  • he likes you!

  • i think that he likes you.when he ask you if you want to cuddle say yes with a big smile on your face and just see what he does then be like just joking and if he's not thinking about you he will definitley be thinking about you then

  • i agree with lindsey and kites , he likes you and he should make and effort if he wants to be with you

  • Whatever you do...DO NOT call him! If he likes you he will make an effort to get a hold of you. I think it has something to do with that prehistorical-hunter thing...were the guys like the chase. If you are too available...guys have a tendency, in my experience, to avoid the chick. Hope this helps!

    • Lol it has nothing to do with instinct :P

  • I was in a similar situation...and he got himself a girlfriend...when he saw I'm never going to tell him I like him too...even though I might have liked him...He was never really sure of it, so he found himself a girl who, I guess, told him she's into him form the start.haha...I wish all the best to him though...he deserves to be happy! ;)...the thing is...I was never actually sure he liked me either...although he might have told me over and over again. He never told me that like he actually meant it, he would always use a joke as an excuse, so I never took him seriously.Yeah, he's thinking of you, but just like "Claretica" said, we can't know for sure in which way he's thinking of you.

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