How do you make a guy feel special?

Both Guys and Girls Whether he is a friend or boyfriend, what can you do to make them feel special? What can you do that makes them think of you more and also makes them want to be around you and talk to you more.

This guy already likes talking to me but I want to do something more.


Most Helpful Guy

  • few things I like:

    - letters, I love getting random letters/notes from my girl. Nothing crazy, but just makes me feel like she thinks about me when I'm not around

    - honest compliments, be sincere and not over the top, compliment his intelligence.

    - food, I love it when my girl cooks for me, especially when she does it in her underwear.

    - secret kisses, not just regular kissing, but sometimes when my girl wakes up at night she gives me a light kiss on my back or neck, she does this thinking I'm sleeping, and it's the cutest thing in the world.

    - Mix cd's, yeah it's something you do in highschool, but I love getting cd's full of new tunes I never heard before from her. When I listen to them it makes me think of her

    Just generally think of ways to lets your man know you think of him, there is nothing better than knowing your girl actually wants you to know this.

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      Actions speak louder than words