If a girl doesn't really make eye contact as she walks by me, does that mean she's not attracted to me?

Just wondering, because quite a bit of girls find me attractive.


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  • it means she is shy...and needs a push...you should find some way to talk to her and break the ice...shell feel more relaxed and will start opening up once she knows you took the initiative


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  • Maybe, but it could also mean she's just shy.

  • She might like you, or she could just be the shy type, or both. I know I do that when I'm around the guy I like, actually, and I try to avoid them. It's not really intentional, but I just seem to get super shy around guys that I am attracted to. It's really just to hide how I really feel or think about the person without giving anything away or looking like an idiot. It might be the same for her. If your are interested in her, make the first move and try to find out what she thinks about you.

  • No its the other way around for me usually don't make eye contact with guys I like and I'm not sure why.

  • Ive done that to.. it doesn't mean your not attractive. I did it because all of a sudden this shyness swept over me. :/ or because he did it too or that I just felt like playing it cool...

    Go talk to her

  • lol I actually do that with the cute ones. I spot you from far away and act like I'm not interested.

    • Lol, do you do that to play hard to get?

    • Pretty much:]

    • Just so you know, that confuses the majority of guys. =(

  • If she doesn't look nervous or uncomfortable as she walks by you,

    then yes.


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