Almost 8 months and I'm not over her yet, HELP

everyday feels sh*ttier and sh*ttier, everyone says time heals, well its been so long and I do not believe its helping me 1 bit. I'm going insane, I miss her so much. someone please help me


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  • I'm in the same boat as you. It's been 7 months since my ex of 8 years broke up with me.

    I go to bed thinking of him and wake up thinking of him. I have tried to clear my head but somehow he is still in there and I would do absolutely anything to forget him.

    People tell me times a healer but it hasn't seemed to work much for me.

    I mean he is a happy as larry with his new girlfriend that he found 2 months after we broke up and me on the other hand am an emotional wreak.

    Yep, the same as you I thought I was going mental, but its just cause of how much you thought of them.

    Whats the full situation with your ex? How long were you together? - I'm going through the same so maybe we could help each other out?


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  • almost eight months and your still thinking about her? that's not even uncommon it tells me it must have been a serious relationship. It may seem crazy but what helps me is jumping back in the game not for serious relationships just dates for fun. Anything to bring my selfesteem back up, and to occupy my time. CLUBS, MOVIENIGHTS, doing things I've never done before. I don't know how much free time you have , all I can say is the less free time the better.




  • sometimes the best remedy is to get out meet new people (as friends of course) and try to forget about her, becuase obviously she isn't going to come back tomorrow into your life and you deserve to have someone in your life.

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  • You got to move on is y you haven't got over her yet. 8 months is longer than normal to still be missing someone. if you had been dating, going out having fun with whoever, or getting involved in something where you are busy then you would have long ago. You got make yourself get up and do something to get someone off your mind. Time will heal when you move along with time in your life and not lag behind hoping it'll just go away. No. So accept the break up and move on because there are plenty of fish in the sea. No one like her but someone better than her, who knows. You got to make an effort.

  • Either get out and meet new people, or just get out of the house and do something distracting. Take care of yourself. Do something that makes you feel good. Accomplish something. Learn something new. Do something you're proud of. Eat right, exercise, and focus on bettering yourself FOR yourself.

    It's a lot easier said than done, I know. There's not going to be a moment when you decide you're over everything and you can start moving on; you've got to make the choice to do so whether or not you want to, and the rest falls into place with time.

  • you need to get out and meet other people. even if you don't feel like it, at least it will steal some of your attention away from her. don't let yourself be idle, and don't listen to any romantic songs.


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  • > Don't go to places where you could meet/see her

    > Delete her phone number and email NOW

    > Forget her birthday

    >Start something with another (willing) girl

  • i don't know if you've done that but avoid contact. it means don't check her Facebook/MySpace/cyworld/orkut/whatever else she may have. the least you see her and the least you know what's going on in her life, the easier it will be to focus on something and someone else. I'm not saying you'll forget her, I'm still thinking about my last two exes every day and several times throughout the day, but it doesn't hurt as much and it's not as regular as it used to be. the reason is I STARTED TO AVOID CONTACT. and times does heal, you're never gonna forget her but you can live with it, unfortunately it takes a different amount of time for everyone. personally, I know it takes me such a long time to get over girlfriends, that's why I started to avoid checking up on what they were doing because it hurts too much, so if it's been eight months and you still think about her, don't worry, you're not alone there are a lot of guys in your case who know exactly what you're going through and all I can say is hang in there, it will eventually get easier even if it's not for now.

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