Almost 8 months and I'm not over her yet, HELP

everyday feels sh*ttier and sh*ttier, everyone says time heals, well its been so long and I do not believe its helping me 1 bit. I'm going insane, I miss her so much. someone please help me


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  • I'm in the same boat as you. It's been 7 months since my ex of 8 years broke up with me.

    I go to bed thinking of him and wake up thinking of him. I have tried to clear my head but somehow he is still in there and I would do absolutely anything to forget him.

    People tell me times a healer but it hasn't seemed to work much for me.

    I mean he is a happy as larry with his new girlfriend that he found 2 months after we broke up and me on the other hand am an emotional wreak.

    Yep, the same as you I thought I was going mental, but its just cause of how much you thought of them.

    Whats the full situation with your ex? How long were you together? - I'm going through the same so maybe we could help each other out?

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